Trauma and Abuse Counseling

If you are reading this page, I know you have been hurting for a long time due to experiencing trauma and abuse. I can help you through trauma and abuse counseling. The pain you have been carrying feels like it belongs to you. But you haven’t been ready to share your story with someone who knows how to help. I am here for you.

Your story is filled with memories of a nightmare you wish you could stop remembering. Something that became part of who you are. All of the pain and hurt you carry, stops you from being fully present. You put on a smile, act interested in what you are doing and keep going through the motions of whatever the day demands.

What Really Happened to Me? Is it Really Sexual Abuse?

According to,¬†one out of every three girls experiences sexual trauma before the age of 18. When you experienced your trauma and abuse, you lost your power. It’s not something you chose to lose. Power is not even something you knew you had before your trauma. But now your story of truth has a hold on you. It feels more powerful than you. So powerful that you are frozen in fear to even think about breaking your silence.

The great news is that once you start to open up about the trauma and abuse, a shift happens. The shift of feeling powerless to strength begins. This is where you begin to reclaim your life back and real change begins.

Your Healing Journey BeginsTrauma and Abuse Counseling Near Me

Tired of feeling hopeless, less than, fear filled, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, not good enough and shame filled? These are just a few of the emotions trauma and abuse survivors feel. And these are emotions that can be replaced with self-worth, strength, empowerment, joy, and more than good enough.

It takes strength to tell your story, and nobody is stronger than you. You’ve been able to live with a painful experience(s) and find a way to survive! I know that all of the uncomfortable feelings that accompany a survivor can be crushing, but you don’t need to continue to suffer.

Hope for a Better Tomorrow

If you feel tired of carrying your pain and want to learn how counseling can help, please contact me today. I will help you learn how to live as a survivor and rise above your pain. There can be a day where you don’t feel held down by memories, flashbacks, low self-esteem, shame and guilt. You don’t have to walk this journey alone. I will help you work through your pain from the past and learn effective coping strategies that are specifically geared towards abuse and trauma. Let’s work together to learn the story you are telling yourself and rewrite your truth. A new and powerful you is waiting to be discovered.

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