Tele Health

With current events in our world and breakthroughs in technology, I’m excited to introduce Tele Mental Health services!

What Is Tele Mental Health?

Tele Mental Health  (other phrases for this service is: TeleHealth or Online Therapy) provides you the opportunity to have counseling sessions from your home either through your laptop or smartphone. You can actually have a session where ever you are able to receive email on your smartphone.

I use a HIPPA compliant platform that is encrypted to protect your privacy. Also, sessions are not recorded. So you can rest assured that the work we do in a session is just between you and I. FaceTime, phone calls and other social media does not provide the security, encryption, or privacy.

 What can I expect in a Tele Health Session?What Can I Expect From TeleHealth

Having a Tele Health session is just like having a session in my office. It’s just that we will be face to face through our computers, or you may use your smartphone. My virtual office will still be quiet, private and safe to explore your thoughts and emotions.

I have been told that this type of session is convenient for times when one can not make a session due to their hectic schedule, this session is flexible to one’s schedule or that it allows to have a couple’s session without worrying about child care arrangements. Whatever leads you to want to talk with a professional, is personal to you. Through Tele Mental Health, your privacy is most important to me and will be just between us.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Everything that happens in my office space in East Setauket, NY will be the same in my Tele Mental Health virtual office. You will have a place to explore your thoughts and feelings in a private, HIPPA compliant, safe environment. The only difference is that you will need your computer or smartphone, and have sessions through Goggle Chrome (easy to do and I can help you to download if needed). That’s it. Simple, which is especially needed now.

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