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Hi, I’m Adrienne Licari.

If you’ve found yourself on this page looking to know more about me, there’s a pretty good chance you’re considering therapy as an option for you and you’re wondering whether I’m the kind of person who would be able to “get” you and genuinely care about guiding you along your healing journey.

There’s a lot of research that looks at what makes therapy most effective. Although there are a lot of therapeutic techniques, the overwhelming finding is that therapy is most helpful when you feel understood and supported by your therapist.

Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed finding ways to help people feel better. From the kid who just was bullied, a teen break-up, neighborhood families who were going through difficult times or a person who recently learned of a life altering medical condition, my heart was always searching for ways on how I could help.

With a strong desire to make a career out of helping others, I began pursuing a career in Social Work.

My personal and professional experiences over the years are varied and have helped shape my own unique therapeutic style. My passion for research and learning continues to propel my skill set to be one that is eclectic and aligns with my positive outlook on life.

The relationship between client and clinician is very sacred and I maintain a safe and non-judgemental environment. I have a vested interest in providing the best level of care, as well as seeing you reach your full potential.

We will walk out your healing journey together and find the answers that lead you to feel more fulfilled, connected and satisfied in life. I truly believe therapy leads to an overall improvement in mood and relationships for those who are willing to challenge themselves and be open to talk about the things that have been holding them back.

This is the beginning point of where sharing and understanding leads to healing and growth.

I will meet you where you are in life’s challenges and help you learn new ways to reduce Anxiety, Depression, trauma, Grief and Marriage Issues.

Some Things We Will Work On Individually

Working through Anxiety and Depression is unique to your needs. Counseling will address your thoughts, inner dialogue and how you perceive your current situation. You will learn ways to help you decrease these uncomfortable feelings.

Ultimately, you will be more in control of your emotions, knowing what to do when these emotions surface. We will work together to get you feeling better about yourself and your ability to rise above anxiety and depression.

If you have experienced Trauma, you will be supported while you share your story. The goal is not to keep your current inner dialogue or lack of self-worth.

Your goal will be to rescript your story to one that is self-empowering and self-compassionate. We will get you to a place where telling your story will not hurt the way it used to. Hope for healing is the ultimate goal.

Those who are looking for Grief Counseling learn effective coping skills necessary to move through the pain of loss. In grief counseling you can share your stories of love and loss, and how it is affecting you. Above all, counseling will help you put back the necessary pieces to move towards enjoying your life again.

Working Together In Couples Therapy

My work in Couples Counseling is very personal and individualized to each couple’s circumstances and needs. The purpose of working with couples is to open up communication, increase emotional intimacy and have an overall positive connection with your spouse.

Basically, we will go over ways to rebuild a solid foundation for your relationship where fondness and admiration lead you to reconnect to each other.

Counseling After An Affair, will help you decide what you need in your relationship. We will also work to identify how you can move forward in your life, either together or part ways. If you want to stay married, the goal would be to rebuild trust and affair proof your marriage.

Ultimately, you both will work together to understand how your relationship broke down and work towards healing. The good news is that no matter what you and your spouse are going through, there is hope. Hope that you both can make it through any challenges together, including infidelity.

What To Expect In Counseling

My style of therapy is very much like my personality which has been described as: down to earth, supportive, attentive, funny, empathic and honest. I have a good sense of understanding culture, ethnicity, spirituality, different generations and how all these facts play out in one’s life and relationships. This helps to identify how life and your emotions have lead you to counseling. This allows the “whole” person to be understood as well as fine tuning counseling to fit your individual needs .

In working with me, you will have someone who is truly invested in seeing you heal, find meaning and joy, reconnect with your loved ones and move forwardfrom the life experiences that are holding you back.

You Will Be An Active Participant and Determine What Works For You

Together, we will help you try several types of effective research based techniques. Sessions will not be limited to only one type of therapy as individuals respond differently to different approaches.

You will take an active tole to determine  what works for you by providing feedback in how your session worked for you. We will then keep what works for you and build upon your style of preferred therapy into sessions.

Counseling is a place where you will find support, empathy, and outside-of-the-box ways of thinking. I have extensive experiences with individuals & couples who are working through:

Positive Therapy Services in East Setauket, NYMy interventions are insightful and informative. My approach is professional yet engaging. In working with me, you will learn new ways that lead to positive change, feeling more fulfilled and more connected in your relationships.

You may even be surprised that the story you’ve been believing about yourself, life and your relationships can be rewritten to bring you more peace, joy, kindness and gratitude.

Call now and take the first step in healing.



Professional Background

License and Certifications

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Registered in NYS
  • Certified School Social Worker- NYS

Training and Expertise

1) The Gottman’s Marriage Conflict Resolution Trainings

  • “The Couple’s Chasm”
  •  “Marriage Counseling”
  • “Treating Affairs and Trauma”
  •  “Uncovering the Secrets of Sex, Love and Trust”

2) David Kessler’s Grief and Loss Trainings

  • “Healing Grief and Loss”
  • “Finding Meaning, The Sixth Stage of Grief”
  • Approved Grief Counselor thru David Kessler, Grief.com

3) Columbia University

  • Trained in Complicated Grief

4) Trauma and Abuse

  • Trained in Trauma and Abuse by Janine Fischer
  • Trained in Trauma Treatment by Bessle A. van der Kolk

5) Anxiety and Depression Reduction Techniques

6) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

7) Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

8) Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries in Relationships


Professional Activities

  • Former Board Member, Restoring the Heart Ministries
  • Co-Editor, “In the WildFlowers” (updated) and “Into My Arms” video productions
  • Co-Author, Self-Reflection and Group Discussion sections, “Into My Arms” workbook
  • Author, Self-Assessment, “In the Wildflowers” documentary

249 East Main Street Suite #3
East Setauket, NY 11733

(631) 406-3139

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