Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Trauma


I'm glad you are here looking for possible solutions to your current challenges. I work with women to help them decrease anxiety and depression, walk through grief with those who are grieving and help a person out of trauma.

I help women learn ways to combat anxiety and depression through gaining a better understanding of themselves, increase self-compassion and break through negative thoughts and life experiences. Together we will have you learn how to feel more in control of your emotions and what to do when your emotions feel bigger then you can handle.

In helping those who are grieving, I will meet you at any of the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression & acceptance. Together we will help you complete your grieving process and find meaning in your loss to help heal your heart.

Lastly, if you have any type of traumatic life experience, you will be supported through your healing journey by finally being able to have your voice heard, validated and understood. From there we will work through your emotions related to secrets, powerlessness, anger, control and triggers.

I know life has gotten out of control, especially now that we are experiencing a COVID-19 pandemic. Emotions seem to be the ones in control as our world has become so much different than it used to be. As a woman, there are so many uncertainties, as well as expectations of how we need to keep everyone and everything else going. This includes your boss, your partner, your kids and maybe your parents too.  This is a whole new world that you are expected to navigate and the time for you to have support, understanding and effective coping skills. You keep going through the day, checking off all the things on your to do list. But you've never put yourself on that sticky note of things to take care of. And now, being socially isolated from your peers, co-workers and family, makes it even harder to cope.

Why am I Feeling This Way?

You may not be sure when these emotions began to take over your thoughts before COVID-19. But somehow your emotions feel like a part of you..the part you can't seem to be free of. Maybe you've experienced trauma & abuse, relationship conflicts or lost someone/something you've loved. Or maybe you've pictured life totally different than it is today.

Those that are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma and grief often feel like they aren't handling things the right way. There's often a belief that says there is something wrong with you. Feelings of not being good enough floods your inner dialogue. This belief feels especially real when you are working so hard to look good on the outside. Yet, knowing that you feel like a mess inside is more of your reality. You may even feel like you're failing as a woman. But the truth is, you've been putting off what you know you need in your life.

Women especially know life isn’t easy. In recent events within our world, these words never held more truth than today. Your anxiety and depression that sometimes surfaces for awhile, may now feel like "an unwanted house guest that never seems to leave." Recent changes in life often make you miss what you once had. A happier marriage, family life, the old you.

What Happened to Me?

You may have been trying so hard to forget about what happened to you in childhood. Your trauma memories keep chasing you harder than before. Or your relationship challenges leave you bewildered. Feeling like you are walking in a dark forest. Putting off addressing your struggles with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma or relationship conflicts is exhausting.

There may have been times in life that seemed challenging. Now these challenges are leading you to a path that is more scary, sad and isolating. Finding the silver lining seems like an impossible achievement. I can’t tell you that your problems will go away. But I can help you learn how to enjoy life despite whatever you are going through.

Even if this seems so far out of reach, counseling will open the door to a new beginning. You’ve been trying your best and now realize it is time to reach out to a professional who has new tools that work. Sometimes, even the strongest people amongst us need a little bit of help. Especially through personal challenges. Let’s see where your pain is coming from and develop a plan that will help you be more in control of your life and your emotions.


You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters. But when you do, you will feel more confident that you are taking a courageous first step towards getting to a better place and being a better you.

I work with Individuals and Couples who are having problems due to:

If you want to know how counseling can help you, please give me a call.

We can work together. I'll help you find happiness, joy and satisfaction in your life, so you can reconnect to the ones you love. Break free from the idea that your life needs to be perfect and conflict free in order to enjoy yourself. Learn ways embrace your life with all of its imperfections and feel good about yourself, life and love again.

Meet Adrienne Licari

Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on ourselves, love, belonging and joy. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover a new path to better communication, conflict resolution, self-compassion and balance in our lives.


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