Helping Individuals Experiencing “Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Trauma to Find Peace and Comfort.”

Helping Couples “Find Balance and Fulfillment in Marriage.”

Others view you as someone who has a pretty sweet life, having close connections with friends and family, hard-working, and successful in many areas of life.

You’re successful at most of what others can see, but inside you are struggling to keep it all together. You feel Empty. Unfulfilled. ExhaustedAlone.

By now you believe that you should have it all together and life should actually be the way you hoped it would be at this point in your life. But things feels harder than what you expected, and you question if you really “have what it takes” to keep up.

The truth is, you’ve been trying to fix things long enough to know that it isn’t working. Despite reading self-help books, listening to podcasts from those who “figured it out” and trying what others are saying you should do, you still feel stressed out, sad and lost.

The amount of effort that goes into keeping this “picture perfect” life, always feels like you’re one step closer to failing or letting someone down.

You’re ready to get off this emotional rollercoaster of living up to other’s expectations and your own unrealistic goals of perfectionism.

You want so badly to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create for yourself and your family. You want to feel connected to the person you once knew so many years ago.

The real you is desperate to be heard, understood and loved. You are looking for deeper connections with friends and family where it’s safe to share the real you without fear of being judged.

If you’re feeling hopeless, anxious, or stuck in a repetitive cycle of frustration, you’ve come to the right place.

When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary.

Your time is Extremely Valuable.

Therapy should never feel like just another weekly obligation. So I’ve made it easier than ever to be able to get help.

I offer both a brick and mortar location in East Setauket, NY and Online Therapy for all New Yorkers living in the Town of Brookhaven, Smithtown and Commack. You can have counseling where you want.

Please take a look around. If you like what you see, give me a call or schedule a free, no obligation 20-minute phone consultation. I’d love to help you get started today.

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Meet Adrienne Licari

Have you experienced any form of loss, abuse, trauma or neglect that has led to symptoms of depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear and/or anger? Are you having difficulty in your personal, professional or social relationships? If you struggle with these life challenges and recognize that your life experiences and/or emotions are interfering with your happiness, I encourage you to give me a call. I have successfully worked with many people who have learned how to break through their life challenges and live a more satisfying and happier life. You too can build the bridge to your own happiness!


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